Some important news


Hi beautiful people! I hope you are hanging in there in the midst of seasonal busyness, the state of many tough things within our world as it stands, and everything in between. I hope you are still seeking joy + peace when you can :)

We have a big announcement to make, and I figured it was best you heard it directly from me, Rach, as we step into a new season for Siren.

After weighing our goals / hopes / dreams moving forward, and with our lease term coming to a close, it's with a bittersweet heart that I share with you that we'll be closing Siren Floral Shop* come the beginning of the year-January 2024.

I'm grateful for so many opportunities we've had in having the shop. The community relationships we've made in Oceanside. Our ability to support other organizations and small businesses through our shop endeavors. The process of building it out, the incredible staff members we've had on our team, the support of our community to make sure we opened on time, hiring + growing with my right hand gal, learning how to be a stronger manager and hopefully a better human in there somewhere along the way. SO MUCH learning + growth + connection has taken place and that is worth everything in between.

We are sad to say goodbye to the shop, BUT we are excited to share that we are listening to our hearts and really just simplifying in the new year. We're going back to our original roots as a full studio model floral company (Siren Floral CO*), focused again entirely on events and with more education thrown into the mix :)

WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! To every one of you who supported the shop over the last 3 years in ways big and small, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you, thank you a million to you all, and thank you to the shop for being a powerful season of growth, and to my amazing team who's kept it running with the biggest hearts / smiles. I’m so full of gratitude for the shop chapter, and so excited to move forward into the next one. <33


It has been a beautiful 3 years.

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