Our Ethos

We didn’t actually ever have aspirations to start a floral shop under the Siren Floral co brand, funnily enough. We’ve been doing weddings/events for 10+ years and figured we’d continue on that journey as our main focus, along with our online classroom.

Blurry photo of Rachael Lunghi, Karis Vandel-Holm, and Sara Peterson



However, when the time came to move our studio space to North County San Diego due to a personal move, and this Oceanside space became available, we saw an opportunity to create a new touchpoint where we could share our brand with others. A place we hoped we could use to illuminate the other pieces of the heart behind the brand.

Below are some important beliefs we are striving for that have developed as we’ve continued to discuss the “Why” behind our intentions for the Siren Floral Shop:

Community Connectedness

we believe in flowering for good, and implementing community in order to grow and support others. You can read more about our monthly Siren Supports (link) initiative here. And we will also use the shop as a space to support our Artist Communities.

Locally sourced

We will strive to support local makers + brands for the retail items we will house in the shop as often as possible, and intend to support makers of all walks of life, gender identities, and ethnicities. We will strive for the same of our floral offerings in our efforts to support local growers, wholesalers + flower farms we love.


We want you, the flower lover, to be able to ask questions + stay curious. We want to empower + educate you in your floral endeavors, and prepare you adequately for take-home flower care. We hope to continue to support your love of flowers through the space, as well as grow your knowledge about flowering.


We will do our best to use recycled or recyclable materials throughout our shop, both in store + online. We are currently developing programs to recycle any unsold blooms through the shop + donate them, and will be implementing a frog / vessel recycling program for our pre-order centerpiece offerings. 

Quality over quantity

We believe in farm-to vase, locally sourced blooms, and will therefore implement a rotational menu of seasonally offered take-home flowers from our shop. We  believe that the quality of blooms matters over quantity, and hope to share the special varieties with you that we use in our event work. I.e. things you can’t typically find at the grocery store :) Local blooms = sustainable blooms.

All in all, we hope you come into the space and feel at home in a shared love of flowering. 

You can find us at 427 S. Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA Thursdays-Saturdays from 10a to 4p

We hope you stay a while and ask questions about our offerings + varieties you see in the shop. We’d love to get to know you and geek out over the beauty of blooms with you! Hope to see you soon! And thank you so much for your continued love + support of our company! It means the world :))

PS We will still be doing events/weddings galore, but focusing that through Siren Floral Co* and all things shop-able will live both online and in store at Siren Floral Shop*