recycling program

Illustrations of floral frogs

It's up to all of us to take care of mama earth, and when it comes to floral arrangements, flower frogs are one of the best ways to manage waste. Plus, if you bring yours back we can use it again and you'll get a $10 flower credit for your next arrangement!

how it works

When you get your arrangements, there is a flower frog (see illustrations above) inside your vessel that holds each flower carefully in place. When you're done with your flowers, you can either keep the vessel + frog to play with (we're not going to stop you from creating your own masterpiece), OR bring the vessel + frog back to our shop in Oceanside and we'll give you a $10 flower credit to use on your next arrangement. 

recycling is important

When it comes to designing flowers in a sustainable way, flower frogs are one of the very best methods. Long lasting, plastic free, and designer friendly, we are so excited to provide you with these special tools in each centerpiece! By returning your flower frogs, you help contribute to our sustainability efforts.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ about our Recycling Program here.