Centerpiece Toolkit

Centerpiece Toolkit

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Our centerpiece kit is stocked full with all the goods you need for your next centerpiece design. Gather your blooms and your favorite floral vessel and you’re ready to design!

Never designed a centerpiece before? Confused about the mechanics prep? No problem, check out our library of online courses here to get started!

*Please note that vessel (bowl) is not included*

Each kit includes:

  • green floral tape

  • floral frog

  • green florist netting

  • custom Siren Floral Co floral scissors

  • floral putty

Product Details:

  • 60 yard roll of ¼” wide floral tape

  • 2 ⅝” floral frog

  • 5’ of 19” wide green florist netting

  • Japanese crafted floral scissors with teflon-coated carbon steel blades and thermoplastic elastomer handles

  • 5” of floral putty (for use placing your frog into your vessel)