Flowering at Home // Virtual Design Class with Fresh Flowers // Centerpiece with Frog Included
Flowering at Home // Virtual Design Class with Fresh Flowers // Centerpiece with Frog Included

Flowering at Home // Virtual Design Class with Fresh Flowers // Centerpiece with Frog Included

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Welcome to the Flowering at Home virtual class!

Specialty sourced buckets of blooms, collected for you, picked up from the shop on your time, and brought home to be enjoyed. Design along with us through a virtual class whenever is most convenient for you!

Our intention behind the Flowering at Home program is to bring special flowers to YOU in a relaxing but informative class style. We invite you to soak up the season of each bloomy variety with us, (kind of like soaking up strawberries or any local fruit when they're in season). So many of you wanted to join an in-person class, but schedule conflicts have made it impossible, so we thought, why not bring the best flowers to you! 


    • An intro to floral designing for folks who want to try out the art of floristry
    • Access to specialty seasonal blooms, specifically selected to create the featured arrangement style 
    • Designing on YOUR time, with flexible “class hours” via an instructional vidoe
    • Design step-by-step with us each class session
    • A great introduction to our full collection of online classes! Start off your floral journey with these introductory classes first 


  • All flowers needed for the arrangement type of focus 
  • Floral frog and putty (if the arrangement is a centerpiece) *NOTE you can also purchase a version of this class that does not include a frog if you already have one at home and don't need to purchase another! 
  • Floral tape (if the arrangement is a bouquet) 
  • Care instructions! 
  • Online link to the instructional video on Thursday night of that week's class 
  • Step-by-step design walk-through virtually! 


  • San Diego / Oceanside locals who can pick up their flowers with us in person ***
  • Beginners, folks who just love flowers, hobbyists, anyone really! (for those looking for more advanced classes- we suggest checking out our full Siren Floral Co Class Library HERE

We are SO excited about this program, and the ability to connect with even more of you through flowers locally. 

First class // pick up 8.9.23 through 8.12.23

Please make sure to include your email at checkout! This is how you will receive all instructions and class materials 

***For you non-local folks, we are looking to expand this class program soon! We want you to be able to design along from afar- but need to work out the details first- stay tuned! 


PICTURED: example arrangement centerpiece created with a hairpin flower frog, another shot of that centerpiece, the hairpin frog, the mood board for this first August class